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Create better posts with the new editor

January 2nd, 2019
featured image

As you probably noticed, we added a new editor for posts and page descriptions, now you can do a better text formatting (bold, italic, underline, [s]strikethrough)[/s], you can insert emojis too :) and custom links like this link clica for example, pointing to the home.

It's possible to add YouTube videos:

Yes, there is no limit, you can add more videos in a single post if you need it, here another one.

And you can add external images too (no limit). All these features are available to format the posts and the page's description, now you can add much more things for your readers / supporters.

post image

You can upload images from your computer (or mobile device) to add in your posts by using the "Upload Images" feature below:

post image

When you upload the images, you can click on the picture to put it inside the post and we create an automatic gallery for you at the end of the post, so you don't need to add all images manually and you can delete any image too by clicking on the x. We accept all image formats, including animated gifs.

post image


Post gallery

sample.pdf (full screen)


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