A memoir of my heart to fulfill my destiny (writing project)

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February 25th, 2019
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To my offspring:
[justify]Where I'm from, people normally gets to write this memoirs to their children as a warning not to follow their footsteps. Here's my letter to them.[/justify]
[justify]My children.[/justify]
In the spirit of what the internet is, I know my words will be read by you at some point in the future. I'm sure that because of my teachings and the clues about myself in the history, adding two plus two will take you here very quickly. Please don't be disappointed, I do love your mother, but not in the way she would want me to do so. I'm on her side, in spite of my words. If her religious beliefs are so blended in your personality, I know you won't be able to forgive this evil incarnation. But always remember, I'm a part of you, as I am a part of my father. What I did is more honourable than what he did to my mother. Also, bear in mind that you're exposed to the same amount of risk I was to find someone like your mother in this life. Just be smarter than me when you get the signals, OK? Maybe you'll inherit her character and become like her. Please don't repeat her doings when looking for a life partner. We'll give you the freedom to choose (more than she ever had, or allowed herself to do so, herself), therefore, you shouldn't marry for the same reasons she did to me. All love ends and when it does, take your time to duel and let it go. Just like every other person in this planet. I only hope my efforts for you to keep an open mind and always listen to the world do work well. Without further ado, I'll start working on the rest of the story. Maybe this words are not powerful to you anymore but; your father loves you and hope you'll have a better life than me.



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