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Welcome to

December 18th, 2018
featured image exists since 2010 as a personal blog only, dedicated to publish news, articles, funny posts, memes, games and other fun things to do on Internet. In the beginning, the website was only a hobby for me and my brother who used to publish a lot of things there too, but then, we started to think about allowing other people to post things on the website too and to offer a full place where anyone can easily create a blog to post anything, that would be awesome don't you think?

This idea was with us since 2012 (2 years after our first launch) but we never implemented this feature due to the lack of time and our efforts directed to other projects. With the growth of crowdfunding campaigns, e-commerce, digital products and the Bitcoins getting more popular around the world we finally decided to start our idea (with enhanced features) on the beginning of 2018.

Now, we are here finally ready and waiting for you to start your page. You can use to create your own custom page where you will be able to do a lot of things, such as:

-Publish posts;
-Sell memberships to your own page;
-Sell digital or physical products (e-books, games, comics, videos, etc);
-Talk privately with your subscribers;
-Receive and reply comments;

Or you can use to:

-Support someone you like;
-Buy memberships to any page you like;
-Buy digital or physical products;
-Send private messages to people you support;
-Comment on posts;

There are a lot of things and features to show yet, and I'll be doing this in next posts here and on our clica page too!



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Gabriel Logan - December 18th, 2018
Testing the comments, testing the comments.
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