Donation page for my Steemit blog and my posts on Bitcointalk.
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You'll have my eternal gratitude!

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At this tier, I will give you my contact information and I will give you around half an hour of my time per month to answer any question regarding Steemit and/or Bitcointalk.

I can give you some very useful tips on how to generate some income through these websites for example. I'm talking one on one advice, not generic publicly available information.

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About Daan

Hi there!

I'm Daan and I've been writing content on both Steemit and the Bitcointalk forum for the past couple of years.

Writing about cryptocurrency and various technology related topics has been a long-time passion of mine.

I've created this page in order to receive some support outside of the main platforms where I post my regular content. If you've ever come across one of my posts or articles and feel like giving me some additional financial support, feel free to subscribe here.

This, of course, is completely voluntary and will not affect the rate at which I'm releasing free content.

Check out my Steemit and Bitcointalk accounts here:;u=163641

Thank you for reading this far!

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