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A repository of all the censored videos, documents, and topics banned on social media.
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Every month you will get a full list of all the censored stories, videos, documents, etc.. and a link to download a torrent of the files as well

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Every month, you will get a list of all the assets and a direct link to download all the assets that will get into the next Encyclopedia Censoria. You will also get a free usb drive at the end of the year with all the content from the previous year copied on it ready to save or to share.

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About Encyclopedia Censoria

Every day we scan the top 100 alternative media sites to find the most popular stories that day. We then try to post these stories on social media websites. The stories that are banned, censored, or shadowbanned on at least 2 out of the 4 major social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit) are saved and backed up.

Every month we release a list of all these files and a link to download them for safe keeping.

Every year we release all the files on a USB drive to allow anyone to keep the censored information and save it for perpetuity. 

Find more information about Encyclopedia Censoria here;

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