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Creators, invite your fans and monetize your audience! is a membership platform. You create your page and receive your fans. We provide free tools for fans, artists, producers, YouTubers, gamers, podcasters and other professionals. You can sell monthly memberships, publish content for members only and much more features!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Credit Cards and Bitcoins. We will add more payment methods in the future.
Yes, you can cancel the subscription to any page, whenever you want. You can easily edit your subscription too and switch from one to another paying the difference when the new subscription is higher, and paying nothing when the subscription is lower.
Because the prices are in dollars. When you create a tier, the prices will be always in dollars and the currencies accepted will follow the dollar price.
For bitcoin payments we have no platform fees, you receive 100% of all donations! And you create your page for free. Our fees for credit cards are 15% for each approved transaction.
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