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We don't use cookies right now but we plan to use in the future to improve your browsing experience and to create some features such as 'keep me logged in' that will be implemented in the future. Clica.net use third party services like blockchain.info who provides the QR code images of the Bitcoin wallets, they may use cookies on their website.

How my information is collected? - When you fill the contact form and click on the 'Submit Message' button to contact us or when you create a new account on Clica.net. When you subscribe to another user inside Clica.net, your e-mail is sent to the page's owner. When you buy a digital product with any seller inside Clica.net, your e-mail is sent to the seller too.

How my information is used? - We may use your information only to contact you, to send notifications about pages you support or to automated send a link to reset your password too, we hate SPAM and we never send such undesirable messages.


Terms of Service

These terms apply to all your activities inside Clica.net and how you use the platform. You can use Clica.net to build your community and receive your fans and subscribers, these terms of service are important to be followed by all users here, so we can keep up and running fine.

When you use Clica.net, you agree with our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. We may update this page anytime.

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